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    Mrs. N. Adams

    In Defence of Daw Aung San Suu
    By following the situation in Burma for several decades I would like to say something in defence of Daw Aungsan Suu Kyi. I am not her worshipper nor her follower.

    Firstly, I don’t think she should be classified with Min Aung Laing and other members of the Tatmadaw, as she came into government only a year or two ago. As Burma now stands, the Bamar Tatmadaw is not accountable to her or the Government, but sadly she is in practice accountable to the Tatmadaw. She is being aimed and surrounded with guns that are ready to go off any time.

    In spite of her silence on the Rohingya’s crisis Daw Aung San does not deserve to be persecuted along with the others. Once the Tatmadaw released her from prison and allowed her to become involve in Burma’s politics she became the victim of the Bamar Tatmadaw/Political Institution. Once she is part of it there is nothing much she can do. Her father Bogyoke Aung San was assassinated for having defied the ideology and doctrine of his own Institution. In the early sixties those who thought they could reform the Institution for the better by being part of it were disappointed and ended up very disillusioned.

    Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as Head of the Government has tried not to cause conflict with the Generals, and tried to reform the Institution by politcal and peaceful means. By being part of the Institution she has lost her freedom from fear and so freedom to act.

    Many people have put her on the pedestal and as an icon and a Nobel Prize winner that she is capable of anything and can do no wrong. Now the very same people are disappointed in her because she has not been able to achieve what they wanted of her, or what she wanted to.

    This is a power game the Tarmadaw has been expertly playing for the last 5/6 decades, manipulation, indoctination, lies and secretiveness, always with convincing excuses, ready to take the credit and put the blame on others.

    The Tamadaw’s slogan is ” they do what they have to do for security sake and to save guard the sovereignty of the country”.

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    Mrs. N. Adams

    This morning I listened to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech- I have already guessed that she would defend the Tatmadaw, but none the less, I am still disappointed. She is either being groomed, indoctrinated and as a victim become a member of the old Bamar Military/political Institution and lost her freedom from fear and freedom to reason and judge correctly. She seems to be blind to the real situation and her argument is very biased. Members of the Institution excel in cloning people, as they are now also doing to their own ethnic group; fuel their emotion with nationalism, religion, hate, anger, revenge and bigotry.

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