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    This is the like the thief calling the others robbers, in Burmese: “Ta Khoe Ko Lu Hit”.

    The Burmese Army is an occupation troops colonizing the Shan people and the Shan armies have every right to defend their birthright self-determination and freedom.

    Why is Maj-Gen Than Hlaing being rude and disrespectful to the SSPP/SSA and RCSS/SSA officials?

    The answer is simple: Because the two Shan armies still cannot work on a common basis, with coordination and cooperation as a team.

    Just look at the UWSA, do the Burmese generals have enough guts, even to intrude into their territories, much less being rude to them and disrespectful.

    It is time for the Shan armies to unite and do whatever is necessary for the Shan people.

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