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    Zo Lee Tha

    Interfering the national level dialogues of non-bamar ethnic groups demonstrates how much the military is uncommitted to the implementation of federal union and democracy in the country. They don’t want ethnic equality, self determination and federal union. They only want Burmanization, and the elimination of other ethnic existence. As long as this attitude continues, no peace will be achieved in the near future.

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      Now after February 23 inquiry to Aung San Suu Kyi, the State Counselor and NLD boss, at this writing, there is still no response.

      She obviously doesn’t have any influence on the Tatmadaw and while she postures and perhaps also might want to accommodate, she just can’t as she is only a ceremonial figurehead, with the Tatmadaw calling the shots, especially in the peace process negotiations.

      The 21st Century Panglong is virtually a half-baked process with just two major fighting force, the KNU and RCSS, although it is hailed as an 8 ethnic armies NCA signatory bloc. It is made up of about one-third of the whole ethnic fighting force and two-thirds or the majority are not involved in the peace process.

      And now the Tatmadaw is laying stones or obstacles for Shan National Conference, which means it is not interested at all in Suu Kyi initiated second Panglong Conference and actually sabotaging it. It can’t be otherwise.

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