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    Dear U Sai,
    You are very right and we all know that we do not need any expert mediators, negotiators etc..rather than TRUST in which we don’t have it for a very long time. Our conflict here is very simple comparing to other conflicts in the world. Despite we have so many ethnic armed groups but there is not even one of them want to break away from the Union and Myanmar. We are all Myanmar and we only need the same RIGHT as they have and equality. If the Army wants peace they can get right away but they have to show us first.

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    thang za dal

    A brilliant analysis – again!

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    Roland Watson

    Sai Wansai,

    Excellent analysis. Now the military and the USDP are calling the Northern Alliance terrorists. They are using psychological “projection,” projecting their own identity to others, and in the process trying to redefine the NA – Burma’s freedom fighters, as part of a campaign of psychological warfare. Sorry, but there’s no chance at all of peace. The UNFC needs to be firm, and reject even going to the February UPC. What’s the point? They should have boycotted the last one, like the Wa.

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