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    Oscar BaAye

    Just shows how INSINCERE the Burmese/Myanmar about desiring PEACE in the land. They ARE SET on OPPRESSING Non-Burmese/Mynmar ethnics and COLONIZING their ANCESTRAL Homelands. They chafed and resisted the Brits for invading n colonizing them. Now they are doing the same. They cannot be ‘Budhist’ 4 there is NO ‘KoHgyinSateHmuu’. ASSK is LOUDLY SILENT on the invasion of Non-Myanmar/Burmese Ancestral Homelands. She is a closet Mus mar SUPREMACIST. Cannot be TRUSTED.. All the ‘PinLon’ talk is just that. MERE Talk!!! To HOODWINK the Internatinational watchers fr seeing THE TRUE SITUATATION in our land

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