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    Oscar BaAye

    If the 21st century PaLong Treaty is successfully achieved, implementing the ” GENUINE Brotherhood of ALL Ethnics – INCLUDING THE BURMESE Ethnic, who make up less that 28% in population of the country – what NEW NAME will the conglomerate of multi-ethnic nations bear?. It cannot remain, “Burma” or “Myanmar” as THOSE names does not represent the majority Non-Burmese ethnics who are more than 78% in population. To be fair and demonstrate GENUINE PanLong SPIRIT of BROTHERHOOD I would think the new name will have to be similar to other MULTI-ETHNIC countries such as our neighbours INDIA and CHINA, in that those two names are ETHNIC-NEUTRAL. Also the current “National” Anthem will have to be adjusted so ALL ethnics can willing sing it. AS IT NOW IS, I cannot imagine any Non-Burmese ethnics conscientiously singing it.

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