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    This is a long overdue responsibility that should have been taken years ago. It is never too late to reflect on one’s own crime against humanity and repent all its wrong-doing.

    But this must come in at least two folds. One is to find out and make the perpetrators known and the other, to overhaul the military’s indoctrination of hate against the ethnic population.

    Another crucial question to ponder is, if the perpetrators should be punished or goes to rehabilitation centers to detox aggressions and hatred, like in countries that have seen genocide in a large scale.

    We could only hope that this acceptance of guilt from the part of Tatmadaw is not just a public relation stunt just for only once, but an earnest repentance and continuous act, to re-enter the civilized world of democracy, where the military has to protect the institutions and people, not oppressed and bully them. Otherwise, this will only be a piece-meal solution to much publicized extra-judicial killings and in no way an effort to become enlighten, rejoining the civilized international community.

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