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29 December 2011
The Mongla group signed the third 6-point agreement with Naypyitaw on 27 December, according to sources there. While 4 of them dealt with liaison and development, two were political: To support the Thein Sein government and To defend the national sovereignty. More on 2 January. (SHAN)

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Shan youth yesterday (26/12/2011) sent a letter to Shan armies urging them to unite and work together for development and betterment of Shan State.

The letter stated that SSA (South) and SSA (North) should endeavor to regain trust of the people in national affairs and both groups should work in unity to gain confidence of ethnic nationalities in Shan State.

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Although details of yesterday’s meeting between visiting U Aung Thaung, Naypyitaw chief negotiator, and Xiao Minliang, Wa Vice President, are still sketchy, most junior members of the United Wa State Party (UWSP), the political wing of the United Wa State Army (UWSA), think the party should enter the upcoming by-elections, according to sources from the Wa territory.

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27 December 2011
Representatives of Shan Youth Exchange, 17-18 December, held in Chiangmai, met representatives of Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ and ‘South’ yesterday to deliver a formal request for speedy implementation of their merger resolution. The SSA Noth leadership, made up of 27 members, has been unable to meet to decide either on the merger or on the ceasefire with the Burma Army. Its representatives said there has been no fighting for two months but the siege is yet to be lifted. (SHAN)

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26 December 2011
Shan State Army (SSA) turned over precursor chemicals and refining paraphernalia belonging to Wanpang militia chief Kaling Htoi to the Burma Army on 24 December. His followers had joined the SSA following the execution of family members, including children and women, 13 in all, of 4 deserters last month. Kaling Htoi himself is said to be in Thailand for medical treatment. Wanpang is located in Laikha township, Shan State South. (SHAN)

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27 December 2011
Naypyitaw’s parliamentary chief negotiator U Aung Thaung visits Panghsang. This is the first meeting since 1 October when the Wa leadership presented a 14 point proposal which is yet to be approved. U Aung Thaung is scheduled to meet the Wa’s ally National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) in Mongla tomorrow. (SHAN)

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According to PaO National Liberation Organization (PNLO) president Hkun Okker, Naypyitaw’s chief negotiator U Aung Min has disclosed to him that he is ready to meet the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), the alliance of 11 armed groups, during a meeting with him in Bangkok on Friday, 23 December.

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Hsengzeun 100 days
23 December 2011
Ashes of Hsengzeun Salawin, SHAN Deputy Editor and well known singer-song writer, who died of liver cancer on 15 September, will be interred at the newly constructed tomb in Laktaeng village, Tambon Piangluang, Wiang Haeng district, 160 km northwest of Chiangmai, tomorrow, 24 December. The ceremony will begin at 10:00. (SHAN)